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What's going on here?

Big changes here at! This site is now only going to be used for showcasing my personal projects. Gone is my current client work. Well, not gone, just moved. More on that below...

I'm still updating my portfolio - new work is on the way.

Latest Addition • Pail & Shovel

from the Vector Gallery

Where My Client/Commercial Work Lives

I'm excited to a part of this new studio. After years of talking about teaming up, my good friend Matt Keefe (a super talented programmer) and I have come together and started up a new development & design studio.

PixelBit Information

PixelBit is a creative studio specializing in Web, Mobile and Desktop solutions. Whether working with an exciting Start-Up or Fortune 100 company, the PixelBit team provides results while working closely with the clients brand. We ensure the overall message is not lost while developing cutting-edge and immersive solutions.