& Design

Please Note: Most of these designs are older (particularly Logos & Web Design).
My newer & current client work is being moved over to PixelBit

Design Projects

Sword of the Spirit Website Pimp Just Construction Happy Birthday Elaine Moose Muffin PhotoshopCAFE T-Shirt Snappers Giveaway Poster Birthday Invitation Tabloid Newspaper WebPort Advertisement

PhotoshopCAFE Design Challenge

Chicken Crop Clone Source Gamut Warning High Pass Adobe Caveshop Linked Layers Color Ranger


Toysie Real Beard Santa Frontline interConnect Solutions Colorado Mobile Massage Elkhorn Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Made of Mettle Learn Mortgage Banking Mugabite Denver Orange Team Ringing Belle Farms Shower Garden Spark Resources Time to Kneel

Web Design

Real Beard Santa Painted Angels Ranch North American Wildlife Art Colorado Mobile Massage IHS Spark Resources Dad the Family Shepherd Version 3