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Who am I? I'm a...

Man of Many Hats

One of the hardest things for me to do is try to describe myself. I have done many different things in my life and the task of writing a paragraph or two about me was probably the most difficult part of my own website.

I decided to tackle this "problem" as more of a challenge rather than a task... How can I describe me in a unique/creative way? Then I remembered being told a time or two that I wore many different "hats". I thought that would be the perfect way to present myself to anyone who cares to know a bit about me.

What's with the little yellow knit hat?

That hat is "me".

Well I get a lot of grief over my yellow hat but I'll never give it up. You see I've had it for over 46 years and still wear it every winter (or whenever it's just chilly outside - head gets cold easily).

It's been all over the country with me; what stories it could tell.

circa 1978
circa 2019 - latest picture I could find

Professional Hats Skills & Experience Personal Hats

Professional Hats

Frontend Web Developer

What I do everyday

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that title only because I mainly only write HTML, CSS and some jQuery.

A lot of these framworks and preprocessors I just don't use. But, what I do know, I know well.

My purpose and function is to create fully customized and fully functional, responsive code so that your unique design can be realized. I am a problem solver and a perfectionist so you can be confident that your design will be exactly what you want and function properly.


What I do every other day

As a young boy, I spent a lot of time with a pencil in hand, not doing schoolwork but drawing pictures whenever I could. I have always been a creative so it makes sense to choose this line of work.

Skills & Experience

Skills / Knowledge

Expert in responsive design for web and mobile devices, Semantic HTML coding, Expert in high-end, mockup designs, Experienced in UX/UI Development, Proficiently perform optimization usability and accessibility troubleshooting, Expert in Cross browser compatible websites, Expert hand coding HTML5 & CSS3, Expert in Photoshop & illustrator, Experience with PHP, Working knowledge of jquery, Attention to detail, Project Management.

HTML 5 (Also XHTML 1.1, XHTML, HTML 4)




PHP (I know enough to get myself in trouble)



Dreamweaver (I use Dreamweaver everyday, but only as a glorified text editor)

3Pixels - Aurora, CO
Frontend Web Developer/Designer/Illustrator
October 2006 - Present

Assist clients by translating their ideas and designs into fully functional, responsive digital experiences using HTML/CSS. Test for functionality and responsiveness across multiple devices and browsers. Consult with clients on functionality, performance, and visual aesthetic recommendations.

PixelBit - Framingham, Massachusetts (Remote)
Frontend Web Developer/Designer/Illustrator
January 2011 - Present

Take ownership of the front-end phase of a project, producing various assets and elements and delivering them with clean, error-free code to make the design come alive. Troubleshoot across multiple browsers and devices to ensure superior user experience.

Elkhorn Heating and Air Conditioning - Englewood, Colorado
Print/Graphic Web Designer/Developer
July 2006 - August 2009

Established brand identity and awareness through creation of the Elkhorn logo, website, print, and ad design. Established relationships with vendors and worked deliberately on many promotional materials to include large trade show signage, banners and printed materials. Managed and maintained website.

Pacific Republic Mortgage - Englewood, Colorado
IT/Technical support and Graphic Designer
2003 - 2006

Supported a team of mortgage loan officers with print design, marketing materials, and computer technical support.

WebPort, Inc - Denver, Colorado
Graphic Web Designer
2000 – 2003

Collaborated with a team of designers and programmers to create aesthetically pleasing yet functional websites for small to large clientele such as PPG and GMAC Bowl. Through effective layout, relevant content production, and graphic design, I was able to create a great experience for both employer and client.

Westwood College of Technology - Anaheim, California
Assistant Instructor
January 1999 - February 2000

Led courses in HTML while attending college and was hired on as assistant instructor for the graphic design program upon graduating.

Personal Hats

Dive a little deeper into who I am.

My lovely wife Danielle

Every day is a celebration

I was fortunate to find my wife at a young age and snatch her up before she realized she could do better. After 35+ years together, I'm still trying to get it right. Fortunately for me, she is very patient.

I could not imagine a life without her.

July 8th, 1989
Out on the town
Oh so long ago

Is there anything better than being a dad?

At times it's hard to believe I've been a father for 32 years and my little boy is all grown up. Time just goes by way too fast.

As a father, I try to instill a good work ethic and express the importance of honesty and integrity in everything. When that doesn't work, a swift kick in the rear does the trick.

He didn't have as much fun as I did
My Family
My boy and me
Mazy & Elmer

Can't forget the dogs!

We turned into those "pet parents". You know the type that the world revolves aroung the dogs. We have two puppies - a Cavapoo named Mazy and a Vizsla named Elmer. Mazy's only "job" is to be cute and cuddlie. She is my little "fluff 'n' stuff". Elmer on the other hand is my best hunting partner.

Never wants anyone to leave
Always together
Elmer at work
Sunggling with dad
Sportsman Warning: contains images some people might not want to see
Brrr, it was cold

If I'm not workin', I'm huntin' & fishin'.

I can't think of anything I like better than being outdoors. There is nothing like watching the sunrise on a cool, crisp fall morning or the sun setting behind the mountains that evening. It's a very peacful experience... until you get the sight of some movement, the tip of an antler, a little tug on the line, a gobble in the distance, or the exploding sound of a pheasant taking flight. It's heart pounding from the adrenaline rush and I love it.

Quail & Cottontail
Mule Deer
Mule Deer
I'm a bush - Gotta love camo
Largemouth Bass

My favorite: Pheasant Hunting

It's really all about time with my dog. He lives for it.

Elmer with pheasant
Elmer with pheasant
Taking a break
Elmer posing
Cozy front yard

Just another reason to be outside

When I was a kid, I absolutely disliked pulling weeds. Now I do it everyday (Spring & Summer anyway).

When we bought our house we had the worst yard on the street. But, after a couple of years and a lot of shovel time, we're starting to look pretty good. I may have gone a little overboard with the flowers.

There is no more room for planting so it's all about the maintenance now. I enjoy that also. So much that I'm doing the garden across the street for my neighbor too.

Started with this
My shovel and I are good friends
New walkway & tree
Flower beds and new grass
Spring Color
That's classy

Our Garden Flowers

Home Improvement
Cabinet install

Fixing stuff... I do that too

We bought a house that's what you'd call a "fixer-upper". Every room in the house needs to be renovated. I've completed a few projects, but oh so many more to go...

Livingroom - start & finish
Log cabin look office
My workspace
New fence
Needed a deck
In-wall bookshelf
Livin' the dream

What little boy didn't want to grow up to be a cowboy?

Really more like a part time cowboy.

I'm very fortunate my brother owns/runs a small cattle ranch and allows me to play there. Of course there are rules; if you're gonna play on the ranch, you have to work on the ranch. That being said, I've gotten pretty good at stretching barbed wire fence. There are always chores to do and I'm happy to help.

Running fences
Move cow
Ranch life
Calfs are so cute
Always hungry
Just hanging out
Not that bad
Elmer is like me

My wife says I'm a dork

What can I say I like to have fun. I try really hard to not take myself too seriously.

When the task has to get done, get it done, but have a few giggles along the way.

I've worked for

I'm very proud to have worked with these teams.

I've also done projects for...

PhotoshopCafe/Colin Smith, Digital Blue Productions, Orbit Design, kd design, DougDraws, & Others...