So who am I?

My name is Philip J. Neal (if you haven't already figured that one out), I work for PixelBit, Inc. as a web/graphic designer.

I have worked with a variety of companies during my 13 years in professional design, from small local businesses to fortune 500 companies. My illustrations have been featured in, "How to Wow with Flash 8", "Illustrator CS Killer Tips", and "Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips", as well as a short spot on a commercial for Comedy Central's, "Reno911! Lost in Vegas Sweepstakes".

I hold a degree in multi-media graphic design and am proficient in HTML and CSS. I also continue to educate myself on new technologies as they emerge. Prior to joining PixelBit, I was a freelance designer which allowed me the opportunity to teach at the college level, and volunteer my services to some non-profits.