My Claim to Fame6

(I'm not really famous)

Book Contributions

Some of my illustrations have been used/featured in the following books.

Comedy Central Commercial

My "Viva Las Vegas" (Las Vegas sign) Illustration was used in a commercial for the Reno911! Lost in Vegas Sweepstakes on Comedy Central which ran in February, 2007. It was very brief (about 2 seconds), but it's there.

My image appears around the 12 second mark.
(Large File - 15Mb)

PhotoshopCafe Design Challenge

How these challenges worked

Must be Photoshop themed (tool, filter, etc.) as the title and/or subject. Any tools or platform can be used, but must use Photoshop for at least 50% of the Image editing/design. Photos were acceptable.

All my entries are created entirely with Photoshop. No photos (other than for reference) or 3D renderings were used.

Chicken Crop Chicken Crop
Challenge 11 Mobile App/TV Show Third Place
Clone Source Clone Source
Challenge 10 DVD Cover Honorable Mention
Gamut Warning Gamut Warning
Challenge 9 Concert Poster Finalist
High Pass High Pass
Challenge 8 Video Game Cover Honorable Mention
Adobe Caveshop Adobe Caveshop
Challenge 7 Billboard, past or future Finalist
Linked Layers Linked Layers
Challenge 6 Cereal Box First Place
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