My Claim

to Fame

Design Challenge Entries/Results

2011 Chicken Crop
Third Place
2010 Clone Source
Honorable Mention
2009 Gamut Warning
2008 High Pass
Honorable Mention
2007 Adobe Caveshop
2006 Linked Layers
First Place

Book Contributions

Some of my illustrations have been used/featured in the following books.
How to Wow
with Flash

How to Wow with Flash
by Colin Smith

Illustrator CS2
Killer Tips

Illustrator CS2 Killer Tips
by Dave Cross
& Matt Kloskowski

Illustrator CS
Killer Tips

Illustrator CS Killer Tips
by Dave Cross

Comedy Central Commercial

My "Viva Las Vegas" (Las Vegas sign) Illustration was used in a commercial for the Reno911! Lost in Vegas Sweepstakes on Comedy Central which ran in February, 2007. It was very brief (about 2 seconds), but it's there.

You can view the commercial Here