Web Stuff1

Doing the "Web Stuff" is how I've been making a living for the past several years. I spend most of my freelance work coding (HTML/CSS) other people's designs into functioning sites. Oh, I still have the stains of web design on my hands, that's for sure. I just don't have the opportunity to do it much.

What am I seeing here?

As you're looking through the projects I've worked on, you'll see what looks to be incomplete websites.
And... you are correct.

The majority of my work consists of building the page structures which are handed off to another developer to be integrated into content management systems.

Please enjoy the FPO (For Position Only) images and Lorem Ipsum text :)

Frontend Development

All custom, hand-coded HTML, CSS and maybe a sprinkle of jQuery. No frameworks used (CSS, JS or otherwise).

Web Design

My Experiments

Reserved for the future